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R&D Center, the core of Seoul Cosmetics where has endless growth potential, was authorized as a research laboratory affiliated with a company in May 2004, and it has been being operated by Research Team 1 (development of hair product, quasi-drug, product for animal, etc.), Research Team 2 (development of skin care, functional cosmetic item, etc.) and Quality Assurance Team (quality control, instrumental analysis, etc.) since 2009 in order to develop the best product in Korea and in the world. Seoul Cosmetics Research Laboratory has been developing many products which can satisfy the customers with the formulation development through joint research with excellent universities and other companies in Korea and the technologies, such as fermentation, nano technology, etc. We are making an effort to provide the safe and effective products to the customers by operating cell incubator, which is not easy to operate as a small and medium sized company, to perform in vitro activation test, such as antioxidation, whitening, anti-inflammation, etc. Also, we are making our best effort to make the products fulfilling the needs of customers through the training of researcher at famous overseas research institute with regular overseas trend and market research.