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Past 32 years of know-how, excellent certification system,
and endless effort for research and development are the best assets of Seoul Cosmetics.

1. A company recognized for R&D competitiveness
2. Relationship with OEM/ODM subcontractors where have been growing up based on the trust of
 customer for long time
3. Development/production of the best quality at a reasonable price

Form of Business

Development of product fulfilling the needs of brand company
OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Project

Product is developed to fulfill the needs of orderer. It is the method to produce on consignment - develop the formulation appropriate for request of orderer, and produce/supply the finished product with trademark of orderer.

Seoul Cosmetics Proposal/Self-development
ODM (Original Development & Design Manufacturing) Project

New valuable product is developed through the product proposal from researchers and sales representatives of each product field. Based on the 32 years of know-how independent technologic skill of Seoul Cosmetics, we provide the total service on whole process, from the product planning to the development, production, quality control and shipment.

PB (Private Brand) Development

PB brand is developed jointly based on the know-how of Seoul Cosmetics