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· (143BL 9LT) 12, Namdongdong-ro 63beon-gil, Namdong-gu, Incheon
  (718-8, Gojan-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon)
· (Postal Code) 405-821
· TEL. 032-815-5800

Get off from Dongchun Station Exit 4 and 5, turn right along with the retarding basin at Anmal Crossroad, turn left after 3 blocks and go straight.

Public Transportation
Tell the location (143BL 9LT) when using the public transportation.

Departure from Seochang Junction (Gyeongin Expressway 2)
Namdong IC Incheon City Hall → Expressway exit to the right side toward Namdong Industrial Complex (Gyeongin Expressway 2) → Anmal Crossroad → Turn left to the Namdong Apartment Factory direction (Aenggogae-gil) → Driver's License Test Center → Turn right to the Free Economic Zone, Songdo direction (Saneop 2-ro) → Turn right (Soyusuji 2-gil)

Departure from Jeongwang Interchange (Gyeongin Expressway 3)
Tollgate (Gyeongin Expressway 3) → High-level road (Gyeongin Expressway 3) → Right side to the Namdong-gu Office direction (National Route 77) → Turn right (Saneop 2-ro) → Turn left (Soyusuji 2-gil)