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1. Certifications


February 2006

ISO 9001:2000/KSA 9001:2001 (DAS KOREA)

March 2006

Promising Small and Medium Enterprise (Shinhan Bank)

June 2006

Primising Export Small and Medium Enterprise (Incheon Small and Medium Businesses Export Support Center)


August 2008

Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice (Korean Cosmetic Association)

January 2009

ISO 9001:2000/KAS9001:2007 (MSA)

January 2009

ISO 14001:2004/KAS14001:2004 (MSA)


May 2010

INNO-BIZ; Innovative Enterprises Certificate (Small and Medium Business Administration)

November 2011

Country of Origin Approved Exporter Certificate (Incheon Customs)

July 2012

ISO14001:2004/KAS14001:2004 (MSA)


December 2012

Happy Small and Medium Businesses Workplace (Small and Medium Businesses Corporation)

March 2013

ISO 22716:2007 (SGS)

July 2013

Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice ; CGMP (KFDA)


February 2013

ISO 9001:2008 (ICR)

2. Patent


November 2007

Chinese Composition Preventing Loss of Hair and Promoting Growth of Hair and Method for Preparing the same / Patent No. 10-0780180

October 2007

Device for Whitening Teeth / Patent No. 10-0773379

March 2008

Anti-Oxidant Herb Cosmetic Composition Containing Lavender, Horsemint, Freesia, Peppermint, Camomile and Rosemary for Protecting Skin and Hair skin and Method for Preparing the same / Patent No. 10-0820010


February 2011

Cosmetic composition comprising the herbal mixed extract comprising Panax ginseng C.A Meyer showing hair-growth stimulating activity and preventing activity from hair loss Patent No. 10-1017709