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Date : 19-07-02 04:03
New Business Inquiry
 Writer : Kathleen Subija
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My name is Kathleen Subijano. I came across your website and I wanted to know more about your company, SEOUL COSMETICS. I work with a beauty company based in New York, USA and we are looking to partner with a quality cosmetics manufacturer in Korea.

I am very interested to know what types of items you deal in and what kinds of products you make. May I know who your established customers are? Do you only do manufacturing or do you also do brand incubation?

I have a few more questions, which I hope you can answer:

1.  What are your minimums?
2. Can you help us create "clean" formulations (organic, natural, or non-toxic, etc.)?
3. Is everything fully custom?
4. Do you help formulate the product?
5. How many times can we test the product from the pilot run and tweak it before we are charged extra?
6. What is the time frame from the order date to the delivery?
7. What are your payment terms?
8. What is the time frame from the order date to the delivery?
9. Who owns the formula or idea if you are doing a product?
10. Do you offer product liability Insurance?
11. Who owns the formula once a product is developed?

Thank you,