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Seoul Cosmetics declares annual sales goal of 150 billion won


Seoul Cosmetics (Chairman Han Gwang-seok) has declared a leap forward as a full-fledged global OEM and ODM company.

Seoul Cosmetics held the completion ceremony of the second factory on the 25th of October, opposite the head office and the first factory located in Namdong Industrial Complex, Incheon. The second factory has a total floor area of ​​13,385m2 (about 3444 pyeong)  being 5 stories above ground.

The event was attended by Jeon Jong-min, Director of Gyeongin Food and Drug Safety, Jang Seok-hyun, Director of Namdong-gu, Incheon Metropolitan City, Director of Investment Promotion Industry, Lee Jong-won, Incheon Metropolitan City, Vice-chairman Lee Myung-gyu of the Korea Cosmetics Association, Chairman of Kangsan Construction Group, Park Yong-taek, Chairman of Lim Yong-taek's Garden General Building Office.